It's All About the Journey

Course description

This is an online bible study designed to teach you what the bible says about your big dreams and how to achieve them. We talk about the steps through dream development, how to make difficult dream decisions, how to deal with dream delays, and how to deal and go through difficulties you encounter along your dream journey.

This course is for anyone who has a big dream and still has questions pertaining to what the bible says about:

- how to achieve your goals

- how to get started on your goals

- how to plan properly for your big dream

- how to count the cost of your dreams

- Keys strategies on how to deal with the difficulties that come along with your dream!

You should sign up if:

  • You want to start living out the dream you envision!
  • You want to know what God says about your dream and your journey!
  • If you want to connect with like minded Christian and goal-getter women!
  • If you are tired of feeling nervous about pursuing your dreams and are ready to start working on yourself and your dreams now!

What do you get?

  1. 3 Live Discussions where we inspire, grow, laugh, and have heart-to-heart conversations.
  2. Never Give Up and Dream Big Activities to help solidify our study notes and quotes.
  3. God's Dream For Your Life downloadable Journal
  4. Free Cheat Sheet filled with all the quotes, notes, and class Aha moments.
  5. A FREE Dream consultation with me on graduation day!
Cassandra Freeman

Cassandra Freeman

Your Instructor

Hi there! My name is Cassandra Freeman and I am the founder of Thoughtful Inspirations and KidsCanVote. I am a certified motivational speaker. I am also a certified Neurolingustic and Purpose Life Coach. I help women leaders build their dreams and never give up. It is my joy to teach personal development and dream building strategies to those who want to live their dream lives. My aim is to always help you become your best self. I can't wait to help you succeed!

Questions? Send them to: beinspired@thoughtfulinspirations.com

Course Includes

1 Quiz

5 Texts

5 Disqus


2.0 hrs